Yeah, 30 rock comes back tonight! WOOOOO!

This fact is awesome!  30 Rock is a fantastic, albeit ratings challenged, show.  That is where you, my loyal readers come in (all 3 of you!)  You must watch this show.  Tell five friends, and they’ll tell five friends.  I would do this, but I don’t have that many friends (‘cept for you, sweet Internet) So my more popular readers have to save this show!  So help me god if this show goes the way of Arrested Development I’m going to have a shit fit!

That is all…NOW GO WATCH!

3 Responses to “PSA: WATCH 30 ROCK”

  1. yes! let’s get the word out!!!

    (it’s eerie, i just posted something very similar)

  2. I want to watch it because it looks really funny, but I can’t DVR another show because I can’t even keep up with the ones I do DVR and that pisses me off. So, for those of us who can’t/won’t/don’t want to watch, you should post a clip on the blog.

  3. Oh I adores Tina Fey, and way before everyone else did after all the Palin stuff. She’s my hero.

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