The Anticipation Is Killing Me

So now that my ill fated week full of stupid, poorly thought out, and even more poorly written Halloween posts has come to a close I can go back to normal.  Now, I know I said that I wouldn’t talk politics but dammit, the biggest election of all time ever and ever is tomorrow and I don’t think I can wait any longer.  I mean, the primaries began what, like 6 years ago at this point.  Right now it feels like Christmas eve, but like, the last hour of Christmas eve.  Your laying in bed wide awake as the nanoseconds click by, but you can’t get out of bed until 7am because those are the rules.  Like I mentioned in the headline, the anticipation is killing me.

So yeah, in honor of the election I decided to add the RSS feed for FiveThirtyEight over there to the right.  See it?  I tried to add their fancy widget but this is wordpress, so I can’t. Boring old RSS it is I guess, but hopefully they’ll be posting all day tomorrow so you can check it out from there.

Yeah, I really can’t believe the election is freaking tomorrow.  I hope that you’re planning to vote! You better be! Unless you don’t live in this country, in which case, you better contact someone who does and make sure they are voting tomorrow.  In all seriousness, go vote.

So yeah, I’ve been more into this election than I’ve let on to here because, quite frankly, I didn’t see this as the right place to get political.  If I am going get all political I might as well tell you who I’m voting for. Tomorrow I’m gonna vote for this guy:

I actually have been an Obama guy since late last year, and I’m really excited to see him still going extremely strong. He was the first candidate I voted for to really win anything major (the primaries…last time I supported Howard Dean).  In fact, in 2004 I was interviewed on South African radio (don’t ask) about being a first time voter right after Kerry lost and I was really angry and bitter the whole time.   I bet it played great on the radio!

But yeah, tomorrow will be a big day.  At least I’m not in any way neurotic and will totally be able to stay calm through it all!

Oh yeah.  If you don’t know where to vote, use this!


3 Responses to “The Anticipation Is Killing Me”

  1. i think you mean 2004 not 2000…because you know you can’t vote when you’re 14

  2. wishmewell Says:

    yeah, not to mention that Kerry didn’t even run in 2000…typing is hard!

  3. Voting is a great thing. I still have a picture of the day you first voted…in 2004…I’m beyond hopefully optimistic about the results…VOTE!

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