The Post Unrelated To The Election

So yeah, no election stuff here.  This is just a regular standard poorly worded typical post where I go in blindly with nothing to talk about and hope for the best.  I just pick my own brain to find out what I am thinking about.  Well, aside from that other thing I seem to be thinking about a lot today that I am not going to in this particular post.

So what else to talk about.  Hrm.  How about halloween.  Did you go out and get drunk?  I did.  I was dressed as the Verizon guy, and I got “can you hear me now?” yelled at me, a whole lot.  So yeah, next year, tow the line between “what the hell are you supposed to be” and “hey, your costume means this!”  Because with both of those two situations you have to talk about your damn costume a lot.  You want a knowing nod, and then you can move forward with a regular conversation (well, as regular a conversation as you can get while talking to a sexy garbage collector…go figure) At least my (very lazy) costume worked:


One Response to “The Post Unrelated To The Election”

  1. I dressed as a fairy with an identity crisis so i basically wore my own clothes and carried a wand just in case anyone called me on the fact I wasn’t actually wearing a costume. Think it worked fairly well . . .

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