My First Dinosaur Novel Where People Get Torn In Two

I’m still sorta soaking in exactly what happened on Tuesday, but suffice to say that the phrase “proud to be an American” no longer invites this into my brain, but rather the phrase invokes actual pride.  Regardless of your political leanings you can not deny that Tuesday was an historic night, one that would have been impossible to imagine just a generation ago.  So yeah, I’m going to continue digesting that.

There is some sad news out there.  My first favorite author, Michael Crichton, passed away Tuesday.  He was really the first “adult” author I ever read.  I remember being really excited when Jurassic Park first game out. Naturally, as I was an 8-year old boy obsessed with Dinosaurs (thanks in large part to an earlier tome). I watched the movie when it first came out on VHS (no silver screen for me) and loved it. So as soon as I was able (i believe in the 5th or 6th grade, I could be wrong) I read Jurassic Park.  I remember it being FREAKING AWESOME! ZOMG DINOSAURS! (even though i pretty much knew where it was headed thanks to Spielberg and Co.)  Since then I went on to read Congo, The Lost World, Timeline, and a bunch of other Crichton.

So Michael Crichton, thanks for getting me into reading. Your legacy will last for a very long time.


One Response to “My First Dinosaur Novel Where People Get Torn In Two”

  1. I was so shocked to hear about Michael Crichton. It was so sudden to the public 😦 RIP.

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