I said reading is good. Can we start the story now?

So I’m very tired.  I had a long weekend.  The Giants fucking rule! (FUCK YEAH)! Quite frankly, I am just to darn tired to come up with something incredibly hilarious today.  Plus, I have a book on my desk, so when I saw Paula posted this I thought to myself “I could do that.”

So I guess what I do is open up the nearest book to page 56.  Well the nearest book is this here Life of Pi I decided to pick up last week. Life of Pi.

Okay, so now on page 56 I type out the 5th sentence on the page, plus the next two to five sentences.  Sounds like a solid plan

Love, Said Father Martin.  And this Son appears only once, long ago, far away? Among an obscure tribe in backwater West Asia on the confines of a long-vanished empirte? Is done away with before He has a single grey hair on His head.”

Well that certainly comes off as really religious, eh?  I guess this does come from the whole spiritual section, who knew. (well I did, but that’s ’cause I already read this part)  But yeah, I guess I am supposed to tag 5 people to do this, but I don’t really want to bother anyone with making them write about whatever book is lying around.  If you feel like doing this, feel free.


One Response to “I said reading is good. Can we start the story now?”

  1. I think I’m glad i never read this book now. Even that couple of sentences was way too literary for my liking!

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