I Have No Idea What This Is

I generally try to keep up with pop-culture.  I usually have a good idea of what is cool and trendy and all that good stuff.  This is not to say I am a slave to trends (unless writing that you have no idea what twilight is a trend, but I am getting ahead of myself)  Rather, I think of myself as more a pop-culture observer.  I go to the pop-culture Zoo and look over the walls into the cages of pop-culture.  I then return to my critical darling, yet commercially unsucesful taste (that sound you hear is of me tooting my own horn)

Usually when there is a massive surge in popularity of something, I’ll be aware of it.  Hell, I even figured out what  High School Musical was before the 2nd one happened (like 15 minutes before, but who’s splitting hairs. And while we’re on the subject, how awesome was this weeks South Park? ) So yeah, I generally know when something is going to be huge (I called the Dark Knight making lots of money you know)

So this brings me to my point.  What…the…fuck is Twilight?  I have no idea where this came from?  Like, what, its teenage Vampires that eat deers?  Is that right?  I have no idea.  Someone said they glow or something?  I don’t get it.  I’m blindsided by this phenomenon.  I am utterly confused.  I ask, in all seriousness, that someone explain this to me.  Is it that 14 year girls really wanna bone Vampires, so therefore Twilight is bigger than Harry Potter?

I don’t like being this out of the loop.  It makes me feel old and sad.  Someone help!


3 Responses to “I Have No Idea What This Is”

  1. I’ve not read it yet but everyone in the blogosphere seems to be talking about it right now – even you!!!

  2. Thank You!!! I really thought I was the only one. I see mentions of this “Twilight” everywhere, and I have no idea what it is. It came out of nowhere! But I think it’s about vampires, and well, I guess vampires have the power to just appear out of nowhere, right?

  3. hahaha embrace it pat

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