I’ve Been Waiting For This One

I’ve had this post planned for months.  I’ve been thinking about it, tinkering with it in my head.  Hell I’ve done everything short of dream about it.  Today, I can finally write it. I am leaving my job!  On my own terms! Because I found a better one!


So yeah,  I have to go in a give my two weeks notice tomorrow, which is probably going to suck more than I realized.  After I do that I get ready to start me new job December 1st and I can’t freaking wait!  After over a year at a job I thought I would only be at for a few months I can’t even tell you what a relief this is.  So if I’m significantly less bitter for a little bit, you know why.  Now off to practice my “hey boss. Do you have a second to talk” lines.

2 Responses to “I’ve Been Waiting For This One”

  1. Congrats!! I know how liberating that can be. I hope your new job is great.

  2. Congrats! So what IS your new job? Or are you not allowed to tell us that . . . ?

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