The Even Bigger Blog Swap of 2008

(hey…your usual author here.  Well its blog swap day.  I am not writing for this here site today.  No, you can find my usual poorly written drivel at A MinD In MoTown.  The titular MinD has written this post that you see below the fancy blog swap button.  Hope you enjoy)

For many early 20-somethings out there, a musical era ended Sunday night that few seemingly took the time to note, let alone notice.


Total Request Live, or TRL as Carson Daly originally dubbed it, wrapped up ten years of screaming fans, overly dramatic girls, guest appearances and force-fed music videos this weekend, and for at least one viewer out there – i.e. yours truly – it was a nostalgic event.


One decade ago, I was a pop-loving 13-year-old who would religiously leave eighth grade each day and turn immediately to MTV as soon as I entered the house – be it my household or another’s. And for one hour, I’d rest my lazy ass in front of the tube to see which music video – OMG, NSync better be #1!!!!! – would make it to that coveted position.


And for several years, I kept turning the dial – or, um, pressing the remote – to that beloved show.


I recall when the time slot changed, all eight million times, in somewhat feeble attempts to gain more viewership. I remember the set changing several times over the years and even Carson’s weight gains, and losses, ‘til he finally departed the Times Square studio. (And I will say this: TRL was pretty lackluster without him.) I totally recollect when Jesse Camp beat out Dave Holmes in the first “Wanna Be a VJ” competition – though I have no who I was rooting for back in the day. And I even noticed how only seconds of Usher’s “Yeah” or Hilary Duff’s “Why Not” was actually shown during that one hour despite TRL being touted as programming centered around music videos. Get this, I even remember when Hilarie Burton was just another screaming fan/guest commentator trying to make it on MTV, and now, she’s shot to One Tree Hill fame – okay, it’s my favorite TV show now, cut me some slack people.


I don’t know when exactly it was that I decided TRL was no longer of the utmost importance Monday through Friday, or even when I finally realized how little relevance the show truly held, but eventually, it happened. It’s been years since I’ve watched more than three minutes of TRL, until Sunday night, that is.


Something about it being “the end” and that element of my life, albeit rather menial overall, coming to a close brought up that nostalgia for my childhood. You know, the days when Britney Spears was busting onto the scene and your best friend says to you (true story), “Look, she’s just like us!” Eh, maybe it’s a girl thing, but for that brief period of my teenage years, TRL was a big fucking deal, so I had to tune in – ahem, MTV, a three-hour goodbye is a little out of control – and watch those final moments.


And now, it’s gone. No more crappy music videos – my tastes have drastically changed – and no more girls screaming so vigorously that you think their brains may explode. TRL has become little more than a distant memory, and will remain as such … that is, until ten years from now, some “genius” decides to revive it as a “new” concept and our children are tuning in.


… Until that moment happens, I bid a fond farewell to Total Request Live; it’s been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun.


6 Responses to “The Even Bigger Blog Swap of 2008”

  1. i remember being (can’t believe i’m admitting this) jealous of carson daly for being engaged to Tara Reid.

  2. Whoa, really!? Guessing that faded when she turned out trashy, huh?

  3. botched surgeries will do it every time

  4. TRL totally went downhill without Carson. When I was in high school TRL WAS a big fucking deal. But I can’t believe the final show was 3 hours long. That’s a WHOLE lotta needlessness. I mean, even FRIENDS didn’t have a 3 hour ending, and that was the best show ever! In fact, I can’t think of any other show that I’ve watched having that big of a time slot for the series finale.

  5. WHAT!!! Okay apparently having cable is official crucial to my health. I had NO idea TRL was ending. How can they take that away. I used to LOVE getting home from school and watching it while doing my homework. I had the biggest crush on Carson, and cried the day he left. Then the string of semi decent overly cheery VJs came along but I still watched. It wasn’t until I moved in on my own and couldn’t afford cable that I stopped watching. :0( Boo!!

  6. I remember watching back when Carson Daly was the host . . . and now he does . . . nothing. Bad move, Carson, bad move.

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