Journey To The End

So my last day is officiall here, which is absolutely insane to me.  It really did happen fast, and even though I won’t miss the job at all its still a bit weird to be leaving.  I mean, a month ago I mused that I was stuck here for the foreseable future the way the economy is going.  I just got really, really lucky.  I’ve actually been somewhat busy packing up and tying up loose end that I couldn’t live-blog my last day unlike some other, better bloggers.

At this point there’s not much for me to do but sit around and stare at the screen until its time to head off to the bar (naturally that’s the post-work plan for this evening)  There’s no exit interview.  Nothing to tie up with HR…just wait.  Oh well…here’s a video I thought was appropriate.


One Response to “Journey To The End”

  1. Enjoy your day of nothingness! Take a nap, browse the web, go on a 5-hour lunch break. Who cares? You are out of there. Enjoy!

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