Training Days

So as you may have gathered I’m a bit busy this week.  The whole transition is leaving me more tired than usual, plus our tv is busted so any and all free computer time is spent catching up with TV on hulu (greatest invention of ’08)  Not to mention how many unread items are on my reader.  Its insane, I’m bogged down with catching up on the blogs I write.  Anyone write anything awesome?   Have I missed everything? I’m so lost. 

I’m going to try very hard to not only blog about my new job, mostly cause I don’t do it yet.  So far my job has been to train…a lot  The problem with corporate training events is that they’re very repetitive.  We meet all the departments and get an overview, but there’s just tons of crossover information that gets overlapped, and all of it is told to us like its the first time.  It gets a bit patronizing, but overall I’m really happy.  Also, in response to Stacy’s comment I do customer service at an internet company.  I don’t really want to set off any google alerts by mentioning by name on my 3rd day, but yeah, that’s what I do!

The problem with this whole situation is that not a lot is making me irrationally angry.  Hell, the best receiver on the Giants shot himself in the leg this weekend, and I’m not all that worked up about it (well relative to how I would be).  And as everyone nows, bitterness=bored thoughts posts.  Its just not there.  Don’t worry, once I’m settled into my role I’m sure i’ll be bitter again. 

Welp, its back to hulu!  I’ve missed so much!


3 Responses to “Training Days”

  1. Good luck! I HATE customer service work! 😦

  2. Well, I actually write something awesome like, allllllllllllll the time. So make sure you check out my blog when you finally get a break in your sched! 😉

  3. Good luck with the new job! I envy your patience for going into customer service. I’d probably throw the phone receiver at the wall and get my ass fired. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen to you, ha.

    As for Plexico … he’s a moron. Amazing receiver, poor common sense. Rather unfortunate. =/

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