Don’t Call It A Comeback

So I’m serious!  I’m gonna try to get back back to blogging (at least more often than I did last month, my work schedule/seat location will probably prevent daily updates for the foreseeable future).  So yeah.  Hey world.   What up?

I would give  a recap of my new years, but a lot of it is hazy and, to be fair, everyone already recapped their New Years on the blogosphere.  And really, who cares about what I did anyway?

Instead, I’ll tell you about my dinner yesterday! (now that’s interesting writing).  So yeah, I met up with a friend from my old job last night and decided to grab a drink at a lovely place in Midtown, that I highly recommend to anyone in the area who doesn’t mind a good cheap dive bar with overly inebriated patrons.  It’s called, The Bull Moose Saloon.  I had 5, maybe 6 beers, a Cheeseburger and fries.  My total, 13 dollars.  It…was…awesome!  (make sure you order the burger special…that’s where you get the savings)

But yeah, that capped off a very long weekend full of craziness and general New Years nuttiness, but yeah.  Hope everyone is enjoying 2009 so far.  Did you keep your resolutions so far?  If not, that’s pretty sad.  It’s been like four days man, show some self respect. Well with that, here’s a video that relates to the title of this post.

(I bet you thought it was gonna be a different video, didn’t you?)


2 Responses to “Don’t Call It A Comeback”

  1. Well good luck with your non-comeback!

  2. No LL? BAH!

    Though I will say the band you used in his stead aren’t bad. Even if they do sound like an NES game that was left on pause for too long.

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