Idea Vacuum

I’ve been having a serious problem lately.  You see, i’ve become an absolutely terrible blogger and don’t blog consistently anymore.  But the problem stems not from lack of ideas, but lack of time to blog at work.  This is all fine and good, I don’t mind coming home and  writing something up.  The problem is I don’t come up with ideas when my brain is dead from working all day.    Either that or I go out after work and can’t operate my computer remotely (don’t call me out on owning a iPhone, not the same.  but i do like to brag about it.)

Like I said, I’m not any shorter on ideas anymore (not that they were stellar before) but I’m just shorter on time to right when inspired.  Because, as we all know, (well I know this anyway) Ideas only come when you’re bored or drunk.   I still get my bored ideas when I have a slow day at work, but I just can’t really write a whole post at work because know I kinda, you know, care about my job.  So I lose all my ideas into the this posts titular (tehehe) idea vacuum.    So my question is, how in shit do you keep your ideas in your head till you either get home from work or the bar.  (Of course, scenario b comes with it’s own set of unrelated problems when it comes to blogging).  I know, I should carry around a notebook, but I’m lazy and have horrible handwriting.  Do I email my hilarious musings to myself?  But in that case i’d have to email myself, which makes me seem sad and pathetic (it’s true!)  

I guess from the bar i could post “notes” to my tumblr from my phone (did I mention its of the little “i” big “P” variety…god i’m awesome)  which may make a hilarious blog in its own right.   But it would be poorly typed and riddles with type-o’s.   So I don’t know.  But don’t fret folks.  I’m trying, I swears it!  And yes, this entire post stems from me getting an idea on Monday and just never writing it.  Now I don’t have  a damn clue what it was, but hopefully i’ll retain something soon.


2 Responses to “Idea Vacuum”

  1. If i have an idea i tend to write it as a text and put it in a draft to remind me when i’m home. at one point i used to try and write posts before i started work (if i was in early) or on my lunch but that ended the day i accidentally printed out the draft of a post without realising it and it was sitting on the printer until my boss/ex found it. oops. he thought i’d been doing it on work time and i couldn’t really prove otherwise, so i didn’t want to risk doing it after that!

  2. Yeah I used to write messages in my draft box too.
    I tend to have the same problem, most my ideas come to me when I’m in bed and I can’t be bothered to get up and write them down, so much of my hilarity has been wasted cos I’m too lazy to get out of bed.
    I carry a pad around with me, which is super cute. It’s says ‘What girl’s know about football’ and then it’s blank, obviously or it’d be a crap writing pad. Anyway, so cute.

    I think emailing yourself seems the best idea, and at least you know you’ll get mail everyday.

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