I Am Still Here

And I finally remembered that idea I lost, thanks to a post on Gothamist today.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but broadcast TV here in the US is switching over to digital next month.  Yeah, next month, did you hear?  Well if you didn’t, it’s probably because you don’t watch television.  Wanna know how I know that? Because literally every other commercial I’ve seen in the past year has been warning me about the switch to digital and how if I get TV through the air I need to get a special reciever blah blah blah FUCK YOU!  I KNOOOW ALREADY!

The only people who might have missed this at this point would be people who exclusively watch everything on DVR and fast forward through commercials.  But guess what, those people have cable!  They have to for that shit to work, so they’re covered.  So everyone knows. . .ev…er…y….one! (ooohh, dramatic pauses)

But leave it to Anthony Weiner (tehehe) to try to get it pushed back to june.  FUCK YOU!   I am so fucking tired of those stupid commercials and stories on the news and holy crap, everyone who watches TV has to know.  Searching “switch to digital” on YouTube yeilds 998 results!  Holy fuck, even people who don’t watch TV on TV know about this shit.  If you are honestly caught offguard by this, like, really?  That’s like driving into the ocean and being caught off guard by the water.

Look, I know how dumb people can be, but it gets to a point when if a year of warning doesn’t prepare someone for their TV to shut off it becomes their fault.    A few dumb people without TV will not result in, as Weiner (tehehe) puts it, “a major public safety problem.”  It’s TELEVISION.  It doesn’t really matter.  And this is coming from someone who watches what would probably amount to an unhealthy amount of that shit.  But I don’t rely on my TV for public safety information.

Guess how annoyed of those commercials I am?  So I’ll leave you with a video that’s NOT one of those commercial.


3 Responses to “I Am Still Here”

  1. We’re not switching til digital til next year . . . I think. I have a digi-box anyway so I THINK that makes me okay. But I really don’t pay attention to this stuff so I guess I’ll find out in 2010 whether it still works or not . . .

  2. I’m pretty sick of all the commercials too. However, despite the constant warnings, I have no idea if my TVs are digital-ready and I don’t feel like trying to figure it out. So, I’m glad this switch is getting delayed til June!

  3. Please tell me the digital switch delay is just a joke! If I have to see ads about it until June I will throw a brick @ the TV!!! Even the Barnegat contingent knows already.
    I’m happpy to see your blog is back.

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