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Every Arrested Development Chicken Dance Ever

(sorry this wasn’t working for so long. my bad. fixed the video now tho!)



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Its awesome outside again.

I am stuck inside again.

This sucks.  Last year I was able to cut class and go get completely shitcanned hang out outside on days like this.  I really miss being able to do that.  Oh well.  At least its Thursd WEDNESDAY…FUCK!

I really feel the need to point out how completely and utterly ridiculous this Subvivor kit is.  First off, look what it says about the mask

SURVIVAL MASK disposable anti-fog facemask, protects against Toxic Smoke,Concrete Dust, Debris, Radio Active Dirty Bomb – radio – Active particle matter, Biological / Epidemic (e.g Influenza, Small Pox, and Dry spores (e.g. Anthrax Contaminants)

Really?  A Radio Active Dirty Bomb? Really.  Your gonna put on a fucking mask for that.  Are people really that paranoid that they’re gonna carry this shit around on the subway.  Thats just plain absurd.

Speaking of the subway, I am so damn glad that I take it everywhere.  Why am I so glad?  Gas prices are at 4 fuckin’ dollars.  I am so glad I live in a place where not only do I not need a car, but its a hassle to have one.  That takes away any inkling I might have of ever getting one.  Yeah, occasionally I wouldn’t mind being able to drive home instead of taking a bunch of trains.  But I am damn glad I don’t have to fill up a car with 50 dollars worth of gas.  Of course, you could drive a Prius, if you want your car to suck balls.

I am still completely obsessed with Arrested Development on Hulu.  It is getting borderline obsessive.  And with that, I am going to go back and watch more.

So This Is What I’ve Done For The Last Two Days

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(I never hit the publish button on this when I wrote it last week…my bad.)

Yesterday I came across this.

“What is that?” you ask.

Well why don’t I just tell you.

That link right up there will bring you to a page on hulu where you can watch every single episode of arrested development ever! (all 53!)There is a bunch of other stuff there that you can watch like movies and other shows. Its easily the best thing ever. So if for the next week or so I don’t post much, you’ll know why.

But I digress. Arrested Development is one of my favorite TV shows ever made ever. It’s amazingly hilarious and I could watch it literally all day. I actually think I have spent entire days watching that show. If you haven’t watched Arrested Development before you have a serious problem that needs to get checked out immediately. Here is the pilot a link to the pilot (damn embedding) if you need to get started (DO IT!)

And here’s a video tribute to GOB Bluth

This Certainly Cheers Me Up

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So I am in an off mood so I decide to troll around YouTube for a pick me up

I found one:

Yeahp, a montage of my favorite show set to my go-to 90’s one hit wonder.  Gotta love it