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Posted in 30 rock, funny, tv on October 30, 2008 by pgleason85

Yeah, 30 rock comes back tonight! WOOOOO!

This fact is awesome!  30 Rock is a fantastic, albeit ratings challenged, show.  That is where you, my loyal readers come in (all 3 of you!)  You must watch this show.  Tell five friends, and they’ll tell five friends.  I would do this, but I don’t have that many friends (‘cept for you, sweet Internet) So my more popular readers have to save this show!  So help me god if this show goes the way of Arrested Development I’m going to have a shit fit!

That is all…NOW GO WATCH!


So Politics Isn’t At the Top

Posted in funny, random, videos on October 20, 2008 by pgleason85

Anyone see Saturday night where Mark Wahlberg actually came on and talked to animals and said “say hi to your mother for me?”

Hehehe, self referential humor is funny.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A New Game

Posted in funny, random on September 24, 2008 by pgleason85

So my roommate and I were bored yesterday and we invented a game (althought i’m sure we’re not the first)

It’s called the six degrees of wikipedia.  What you do, is pick two random wikipedia articles and try to get from one to the other.  Yesterday i got from Dog Food to FDR in about five moves (unfortunately my method escapes me today.)

Some examples of potential searches that you should try (but I am entirely to tired to attempt):

The OC to laissez-faire.

Onion Ring to Oklahoma! (the musical)

or The War of 1812 to Kevin Bacon (cause why the fuck not)
If anyone actually goes for any of those let me know how that works out.  I’m still just completely wiped out, to the point where I don’t even know what day it is anymore.  Not in that cool, summer vacation way where every single day is saturday, but in the exact opposite way.  I wake up early on saturday and think i’m late, wake up early on tuesdays and think i’m early, i’m losing it.  This whole working weekend business is getting to me.  Well its only till the end of October, after which i’ll probably only have to work one weekend day for a while.  If  I didn’t really enjoy my second job I don’t know if i’d be able to do it, but I really don’t mind it at all, so its not bad, i’m just tired.  Oh well.

So yeah, hence the sporadic and poorly written entries as of late.  So I figure I might as well post a video. I’m sure you’ve already seen this, but if not, here’s NINJA CAT!

You Know What This Means!

Posted in college humor, funny, pbr, random, the lawrence arms, videos on August 22, 2008 by pgleason85

So College Humor live was a fun time. Despite Jon Mulaney not actually being (double you, tee, eff). It was still really funny. They started it off with this man eating the Michael Phelps breakfast it was…interesting. After that happened I realized there was an empty seat next to me being held by someone. Low and behold, Crazy Legs himself would go on to occupy that seat. It was awesome. He was nice enough to give me a swig of his whiskey after we gave him a delicious pbr. The rest of the show was really funny too, but it will inevitably wind up online, so you can watch it eventually. After the show I met Streeter, who went to fordham and told me Suits’s real name (i forgot it tho…a competitive eater’s whiskey will do that). I also met Steven Colbert’s Black Friend, who was fucking hilarious. But yeah, enough on that. How about some completely and totally random shit!

Ever notice that when you listen to Explosions in the Sky the mundane parts of your life feel just that much more cinematic. I find it quite awesome, but what do I know.

That Imogen Heap song from this video just came on pandora. I can’t hear it without laughing anymore. Gotta love SNL!

Fuck, I’ve got nothing else. Well I suppose enjoy this Lawrence Arms video while i continue to nurse my competitive eater related hangover. I post this because I’ve ever time i’ve seen them they drink whiskey on stage. Yeah, its a loose connection. Whatever, fuck you!

I’m Just Gonna Hit The Keys And Hope Something Comes Out

Posted in college humor, funny, pabst blue ribbon, pbr, random, sports, videos on August 21, 2008 by pgleason85

I had a really good idea for a post on the subway home yesterday. I remember thinking “damn, thats a good idea.”  I even had a pad handy to write the idea down.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a pen, so now i have to convince myself that it wasn’t that funny anyway.  In its place, random shit!

Is it a sign that I’ve watched too much South Park when I knew all the 5 Things You Didn’t Know About South Park?  Like, that was it?  I knew every single one of those facts and then some. If you’re going to tell me i don’t know something you best be prepared to back it up Ask Men!

After watching the below video over and over I was trying to decide if I would engage in fisticuffs with any athlete at the Summer Olympics.  Answer: nope.

Speaking of the olympics, now that swimming is over I feel kinda done with it.  Also, is it a bad sign that watching people sprint around a track actually tire me out?  I’m thinking “yes” but i’m not so sure yet, i need a ruling.

I’m going to see College Humor Live tonight, and despite not being in college, i still read the site almost daily.  Much like I did right before I went to college.  In fact, I think the only time of the site’s existence that i didn’t go to every day for was my four years of college.  What does that say about me?  Well whatever it says about me, i’m still excited to see the awkward rap live! (not to mention Jon Mulaney, although I think that was just a mention)

I like events at the UCB theater.  Cause they’re only five bucks and PBR’s are like 2 bucks.  So you can have a good night with like 18 bucks!  This should be fun.  I didn’t have high hopes of convincing anyone else to go with me, so I’m just gonna go alone and hope for the best.

Pineapple Express Is Hysterical

Posted in funny, james franco, pineapple express, seth rogen on August 7, 2008 by pgleason85

Brett Farve, Jets, whatever. I really wanna talk about this movie.   I had been excited about this movie for quite some time and I am happy to report that it did not dissapoint. It was absolutely hysterical, instantly quotable, hilariously irreverent, all around awesome.

From the first moments that Rogen and Franco get together on screen their stoner buddy chemistry is absolutely on point hysterical.  Its the perfect stoner movie in that you absolutely don’t have to be a stoner to enjoy it.  Its a legitimate action movie in the same vein as Hot Fuzz.  Not a parody as much as a homage to action.  It racks up a serious fucking body count, something not often seen in “stoner” movies.  So in case you haven’t seen it (insert overused “no internet under the rock” joke here) here’s the trailer for the movie.  The movie was so good that I want to watch the trailer over and over.

So yeah, go see it.  Very funny.

We Got Got

Posted in funny, is that a bad sign?, mike birbiglia, random, videos on June 24, 2008 by pgleason85

So remember that JC Penny ad?  Yeah, that wasn’t approved by JC Penny.  Like not at all.  They’re mad.  In the immortal words of Nelson, “HA HA”

I may have discovered the source of my dizzy spell yesterday.  I didn’t drink my morning coffee.  Now, that may just be a correlation without any causation (see, i occasionally paid attention in class).  Do you think I’m that dependent on morning coffee that I get dizzy spells without it.  Thats certainly a bad sign.

For now that is all I got.  Sorta busy at work.  But here’s a Mike Birbiglia set that is really funny, because he is really funny.  His blog is over there ——>  See? Yeah, you should read it, because he’s funny.

Part 1

Part 2