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Hello, Is This Thing On?

Posted in ms. pac man, new job, pac man, video games on December 11, 2008 by pgleason85

Woah. Don’t log in to wordpress for a week or two and they go and change the whole damn thing up on you.  I don’t even know how I’m going to categorize this post!

Well I’m almost done with my second week at work so I figured I might as well take a blog break.  Way to get off on the right foot, right?  Well a lot of my job so far has involved meetings about short and long term goals.  All that good business mumbo jumbo.  I do have a lot of goals for myself at this company, unfortunately I can’t tell my manager some of them.  So I’ll list my long and short term goals here, becuase why the fuck not.

Lets start with short term


1) Don’t be the drunkest new person at tonight’s holiday party

As I typed that sentence we all received an email saying, essentially, that exact sentence.  Apparently this is a very, um, thirsty company.   And these parties tend to get out of hand.  Which actually kinda rocks.  The flip-side is that if you get noticed being wasted, umm, apparently it’s not good.  So yeah.  Good luck on that.  Did I mention the party is a 4 hour open bar that goes till midnight (and quite possibly beyond…way to make this easy for me guys…i’ve got goals!)

2)  . . .

Okay, so I’m not the best at coming up with goals!   Sue me (please don’t)

Long Term Career Goals

1) Beat The High Score on the Ms. Pac Man Machine in the Office

Oh good God! I can not wait until I’m comfortable enough here to just go play that during my lunch hour.  I will probably do that more often than eat.  You see, I’ve never gotten the high score on a Pac Man machine of any sort.   At a resort in the Pocono’s we used to go to for easter I had #2 on a Ms. Pac Man once, but I could never get that elusive #1.  The problem was two pronged.  One, we were only ever there for long weekends.  Its hard to get into that Pac Man groove over three days, one of them requiring a family dinner.  But now, well, its my long term goal.  I got a while (unless I feel to meet the short term goal and get fired).  The other problem was a simple cash flow issue.  I didn’t have the Washington’s to play enough times in a row to get into a dot-eating flow.  But now, it’s free!  (also, in the other building there’s a big buck hunter, but I’ll only play that when I have to trek over there…plus I fucking suck at that game)

2) Ummm…I Dunno, Get Promoted…or something

Okay, so you got me.  There was never a list.  Just two goals.  Gimme a break.  I’m busy as hell here.


Training Days

Posted in new job on December 3, 2008 by pgleason85

So as you may have gathered I’m a bit busy this week.  The whole transition is leaving me more tired than usual, plus our tv is busted so any and all free computer time is spent catching up with TV on hulu (greatest invention of ’08)  Not to mention how many unread items are on my reader.  Its insane, I’m bogged down with catching up on the blogs I write.  Anyone write anything awesome?   Have I missed everything? I’m so lost. 

I’m going to try very hard to not only blog about my new job, mostly cause I don’t do it yet.  So far my job has been to train…a lot  The problem with corporate training events is that they’re very repetitive.  We meet all the departments and get an overview, but there’s just tons of crossover information that gets overlapped, and all of it is told to us like its the first time.  It gets a bit patronizing, but overall I’m really happy.  Also, in response to Stacy’s comment I do customer service at an internet company.  I don’t really want to set off any google alerts by mentioning by name on my 3rd day, but yeah, that’s what I do!

The problem with this whole situation is that not a lot is making me irrationally angry.  Hell, the best receiver on the Giants shot himself in the leg this weekend, and I’m not all that worked up about it (well relative to how I would be).  And as everyone nows, bitterness=bored thoughts posts.  Its just not there.  Don’t worry, once I’m settled into my role I’m sure i’ll be bitter again. 

Welp, its back to hulu!  I’ve missed so much!

First Day Jitters

Posted in awesome, awesome news, awesome shot, awesomeness, free stuff, i have a lot of "awesome" categories, new job on December 1, 2008 by pgleason85

That’s right.  Yours truly had first day jitters.  I think that was mainly the ungodly amount of coffee I consumed during my first day today.  My old office had fucking terrible coffee, so naturally I would just spend my hard earned money at my local coffee cart every morning.  Not anymore! They have tons of coffee there, for free! It’s incredible.  It’ll save me 30 bucks a month.  As my dad put it (seriously) “that’s a lot of PBRs!”  So yeah, there’s that!

In all seriousness I was exhausted today.  I didn’t sleep well with the pre-first day jitters I had going, plus not moving all day doesn’t really tire you out enough to fall asleep (only slightly exaggerating…in my defense it was raining).  So the coffee was somewhat of a necessity.  But man, was today a loooong day.  Tons and tons of information was literally (figuratively) thrown at us.  Luckily there were five people, including myself, starting in my department today so I’m not going at it alone, which is really helpful.  But man was there a lot.  I mean, look at the binders we got:

And that’s just day one.  They barely fit in my bag!

While it was an overwhelming day I can already tell I’m going to enjoy working for this company a lot more than my last one.  They clearly care about they’re employees, which is an AWESOME change of pace for me.  They literally turned out the lights to save money on electricity at my last job.  Here, they give us so many free snacks they warn us about weight gain.  So yeah, I probably will do my blogging bit at night for the near future, and I’m not sure just how much I’ll do, but hopefully I’ll find time.  Our TV blew out so I’m probably going to be bored at home a lot.  (I go from watching tv all day to not watching any, thats a serious shock to the system).   

Welp, I gotta get some sleep to prepare for another day of WAAAAAY too much information for any normal human to process.  I just hope I don’t get any more binders.