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I Am Still Here

Posted in random, rants on January 27, 2009 by pgleason85

And I finally remembered that idea I lost, thanks to a post on Gothamist today.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but broadcast TV here in the US is switching over to digital next month.  Yeah, next month, did you hear?  Well if you didn’t, it’s probably because you don’t watch television.  Wanna know how I know that? Because literally every other commercial I’ve seen in the past year has been warning me about the switch to digital and how if I get TV through the air I need to get a special reciever blah blah blah FUCK YOU!  I KNOOOW ALREADY!

The only people who might have missed this at this point would be people who exclusively watch everything on DVR and fast forward through commercials.  But guess what, those people have cable!  They have to for that shit to work, so they’re covered.  So everyone knows. . .ev…er…y….one! (ooohh, dramatic pauses)

But leave it to Anthony Weiner (tehehe) to try to get it pushed back to june.  FUCK YOU!   I am so fucking tired of those stupid commercials and stories on the news and holy crap, everyone who watches TV has to know.  Searching “switch to digital” on YouTube yeilds 998 results!  Holy fuck, even people who don’t watch TV on TV know about this shit.  If you are honestly caught offguard by this, like, really?  That’s like driving into the ocean and being caught off guard by the water.

Look, I know how dumb people can be, but it gets to a point when if a year of warning doesn’t prepare someone for their TV to shut off it becomes their fault.    A few dumb people without TV will not result in, as Weiner (tehehe) puts it, “a major public safety problem.”  It’s TELEVISION.  It doesn’t really matter.  And this is coming from someone who watches what would probably amount to an unhealthy amount of that shit.  But I don’t rely on my TV for public safety information.

Guess how annoyed of those commercials I am?  So I’ll leave you with a video that’s NOT one of those commercial.


I Wasn’t Going To Talk Politics

Posted in rants on October 20, 2008 by pgleason85

But Mrs. Sarah Palin has forced my hand in this matter, and I feel the need to point something out.

Guess what? I am pro-America in the most literal sense, in that I like this place.  I’m happy here, I’ve lived here my whole life.  Sure, there are problems, but overall I’d have to say that i was “pro-America.” in the sense that I, you know, like the place. Right?

Apparently not.  Big cities are not pro-America.  I’ve spent my whole life (save for my first two years, pre-cognitive thought) within the New York Metropolitan Area.  I grew up in suburban new jersey, then moved to suburban Connecticut for high-school. According to Palin I don’t live in real America, or pro-America.  Apparently I live in fake, anti-America?  Who knew.  I assumed that living pretty damn close to the financial capital of a capitalist country might make this place real America?  Oh, no, real America is a land of small towns, Wall-Marts and meth labs.

Everyone is entitled to their political beliefs, and that is fine.  But you can’t go making overaching statements that discount large populations of the country just because you don’t agree with their sociopolitical ideals is ignorant and offensive.

Sorry about actually mentioning politics, I’m tired and angry.  Well, at least the giants won.

I’m Out Of Ideas

Posted in random, rants, tv on October 17, 2008 by pgleason85

So i’m going to tell you about a TV show i just watched that was on over five years ago that I totally missed the boat on in the hopes that a) someone else actually watches it or b) someone who watched it already will comment on how awesome it was and validate my existence.  Well, here it goes!


That’s right, I just watched the entire series run (14 episodes at 40 minutes a piece, someone who can do math tell me how many hours i spent over the last two weeks watching) of a show called Firefly.  I think I have an idea as to why I missed it when it was first on in 2002.  Cause i was a stupid high school kid who wouldn’t watch a show by the creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Here’s the thing, its fucking awesome.  It’s set in space, but there’s like outter planets or something, And they don’t have much money, so its like its a western.  Just with fucking spaceships! (and whores!)  It was awesome. Like really cool.  Someone gets shot like every episode (they’re really good at dealing with bullet wounds in the future.)

You know what, i’m gonna take my bullet wound rant farther.  How come everyone on television and in movies can get shot and not cry like a little girl.  I mean, I understand the action heroes that get shot. But a lot of times characters that aren’t super badasses take a bullet and just “deal with it” until they can find a doctor or something.  If i every get shot I am going to cry and moan like i’m a 10 year old with a broken finger.  Seriously, I just don’t get it.

But I digress.  Anywhoo, if your into characters and story archs and drama and geniunely good television (pretentious chinese language lapses aside) check out firefly. If not, well, go watch dancing with the stars and leave me alone.

Insert “Joe The Plumber” Reference Here

Posted in Joe the Plumber, rants on October 16, 2008 by pgleason85

So wow, the debates are over and done with.  Who’d have thunk that the most talked about person the day after the debate would not be Barack Obama or John McCain.  No, the person on the forefront of everyone’s thoughts today is “Joe The Plumber.”  Joe wants to buy a plumbing business he works at or something, and McCain says Obama says he can’t, but Obama was all like “no Joe, you can buy it…something, something, health care…”  (that was a direct quote) Either way, Joe the Plumber must have been brought up 20 times last night.  This dude’s phone must have blown up more than a guy who gets shown in the crowd during a football game.  

Now most of my plumber related experience comes from, well, this guy:

Now, Mario enjoyed a long run at being the most famous plumber in the world.  But all good things must come to an end, and Mario has decided to concede his top plumber honors to Joe “The Plumber” The Plumber. So Joe, I call on you to set the example that your new found political fame has brought you, and get out there and vo…oh wait.  Douche Bag

My Extremely Timely Note on the Vice Presidential Debate

Posted in rants on October 7, 2008 by pgleason85

I would have written this last week, but there was a hangover challenge so I had take it, and then yesterday there was the whole, “overtired” thing, and dammit, i don’t get that many ideas, so when i get one I have to run with it!

But yeah, the whole “…I may not answer the questions…” bit that Palin seemed so keen on during the debate last Thursday.  That’s my move!  Dammit, quit jacking my thing.  In all seriousness, I actually have pulled that before on a few math tests in my day.  Now, me and math, not the best of friends. (speaking of math…google proves that its still GENIUS)  And occasionally there would be a question on the test that I just did NOT have any idea how to solve.  Yet, to prove I somewhat knew what in the hell algebra was (i didn’t) i would simply solve another equation that would prove I had, in fact, read the chapter, done the homework, and taken good notes (I hadn’t).

I didn’t work then, and I doubt it’ll work now.

(also, doesn’t it look like she’s thinking uncessarily hard about the process of winking)

(woah, linking to the gmail blog made this thing go nutty, so i figured i’d post a video to go along with my really stupid post)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Watch This

Posted in random, rants, videos on September 17, 2008 by pgleason85

I’d heard about Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog a while ago, but missed it during its first go around when they took it down 24 hours after the third chapter premiered, cause that was the deal (or something).  Everything I’d heard was good, but I sorta completely forgot about it. I mean, I’d noticed the link on Zombie Fights Shark, but never clicked it and all. Well today, reading the AV Club interview with Neil Patrick Harris (AV Club just keeps interview my favorite people on TV this week, its great) I decided that I might as well finally get around to watching it.  It’s actually really awesome, and i’m not generally a big “musical guy.” Its really well written and enjoyable.  you watch it if you want.  Here’s the entire 42 minutes of it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Also, here’s a link to the page at hulu if you don’t want to be distracted by my ramblings on while you watch.

So yeah, that TV preview yesterday really just dried my writing well entirely. And I don’t think that many people even read the thing. Oh well. I’ve also been saving my creative juices for an idea I had for something other than, you know, stream-of-conciousness quips on the internet.  I’m not sure if i’ll ever be able to get it off the ground, but If I ever do I will let you know!

Summertime and The Livin’s Easy

Posted in music, random, rants, that way, which way is the beach on August 15, 2008 by pgleason85

Damn, that is a lazy ass headline.  Well you know what, I can be as lazy as I want with my headlines.  You know why? It’s because I am taking a small vacation to Beach Haven, NJ.

yeah, that was the best picture i could find.  well i found this one, but I’m too lazy to download and resize and it was too big to resize in the window.  I’m lazy and in vacation mode already.  I’m only going down for four days, so i’ll be back in the middle of the week next week, but still. I’m also pretty sure i’m actually staying on that street, but whatever.  The important task I have today is what to listen to on the hours long drive I have tonight.

There’s the option of leaving my iPod on shuffle.  But that is always dangerous and could lead to disaster.  I’m also not sure what kind of time I will have to make a mix, but I can sure try.  Making a night driving mix can be tough.  You don’t want it too high energy or you won’t be able to slip into the zone that you need while driving down the highway.  But you do need some pick me up songs in case you slip too far into the zone and start to doze off.  It’s a very delicate process, one that I’m just not confident that shuffling can handle.

One song that will definitely be on there will be this song:

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted that before, but whatever. Its a great driving song.  It’s fucking about driving.

I’m also somewhat nervous about this.  I haven’t really driven a car any significant distance since like February (i think). Living in the city it becomes unnecessary, so I just never drive.  Last time I drove it was to the ice cream shop near my house in CT, so this is gonna be interesting.  Driving a damn wind sail minivan down the Garden State Parkway for like 3 hours.  Whatever, the beach will be the payoff!