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Posted in 30 rock, funny, tv on October 30, 2008 by pgleason85

Yeah, 30 rock comes back tonight! WOOOOO!

This fact is awesome!  30 Rock is a fantastic, albeit ratings challenged, show.  That is where you, my loyal readers come in (all 3 of you!)  You must watch this show.  Tell five friends, and they’ll tell five friends.  I would do this, but I don’t have that many friends (‘cept for you, sweet Internet) So my more popular readers have to save this show!  So help me god if this show goes the way of Arrested Development I’m going to have a shit fit!

That is all…NOW GO WATCH!


I’m Out Of Ideas

Posted in random, rants, tv on October 17, 2008 by pgleason85

So i’m going to tell you about a TV show i just watched that was on over five years ago that I totally missed the boat on in the hopes that a) someone else actually watches it or b) someone who watched it already will comment on how awesome it was and validate my existence.  Well, here it goes!


That’s right, I just watched the entire series run (14 episodes at 40 minutes a piece, someone who can do math tell me how many hours i spent over the last two weeks watching) of a show called Firefly.  I think I have an idea as to why I missed it when it was first on in 2002.  Cause i was a stupid high school kid who wouldn’t watch a show by the creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Here’s the thing, its fucking awesome.  It’s set in space, but there’s like outter planets or something, And they don’t have much money, so its like its a western.  Just with fucking spaceships! (and whores!)  It was awesome. Like really cool.  Someone gets shot like every episode (they’re really good at dealing with bullet wounds in the future.)

You know what, i’m gonna take my bullet wound rant farther.  How come everyone on television and in movies can get shot and not cry like a little girl.  I mean, I understand the action heroes that get shot. But a lot of times characters that aren’t super badasses take a bullet and just “deal with it” until they can find a doctor or something.  If i every get shot I am going to cry and moan like i’m a 10 year old with a broken finger.  Seriously, I just don’t get it.

But I digress.  Anywhoo, if your into characters and story archs and drama and geniunely good television (pretentious chinese language lapses aside) check out firefly. If not, well, go watch dancing with the stars and leave me alone.

Last Day Of the Month

Posted in music, tv, videos on September 30, 2008 by pgleason85

Which means I am really busy, so I didn’t get to write up a full post for you.  If you want to talk about last night’s How I Met Your Mother or Heroes, well, click those links!

I also finally got a chance to check out Chuck for the first time since the pilot.  It was actually a pretty enjoyable show, not to mention they used a fucking FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS song during the episode, which earns you billions of points in my book.

So with the lack of a proper post here’s TV On the Radio appearing on Letterman…on a fire escape!  That is fucking AWESOME.

( via Aziz is Bored)

This Show Is Better Now

Posted in freaks and geeks, james franco, jason segal, seth rogen, tv on September 25, 2008 by pgleason85

When Freaks and Geeks first came out in 1999, I was a freshman in highschool.

It was fairly biographical, so I didn’t enjoy it as much.  All that highschool is awful shit is much funnier to go back and watch later.  It was a bit too much like a highlight real at the time. I’m pretty sure I was Sam Weir (i may be exaggerating) I hadn’t watched an episode of that show in forever until yesterday, when I found out most of them (if not all) were on youtube.  So yeah, I’ve been watching them for the last couple days, and its much funnier to go back. Plus, everyone from all  of my favorite movies and shows lately was in that show. Woo! I wonder if this show wouldn’t have lasted longer now in the post arrested development landscape, where poor ratings will be tolerated for a little bit longer.  Similar to the Office and 30 Rock, which most likely wouldn’t have gotten to the 2nd season had they come out in 1999.

So yeah, Here’s part one of the episode that I most clearly remember from the original run, because even though my 14 year old sense of humor wasn’t quite developed fully, i still thought it was hilarious that they switched the keg to non-alcoholic beer.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Posted in how i met your mother, random, tv on September 23, 2008 by pgleason85

Well, as you all no doubt noticed if you’ve read this blog with any regularity (or even just for a week for that matter) I enjoy scripted television.  I really do.  And thankfully last night, a few of my favorites came back in all their original glory (sort of).

How I Met Your Mother returned, and picked up right where it left off.  Ted is engaged to Elliot Stella even though he doesn’t know what color eyes she has.  Dude, she’s blonde, your safe with blue on that one.  Also, she’s never seen Star Wars, which is actually a rather huge deal for some people (nope, not me, never tried to force feed Star Wars to a girlfriend…never happened)  And Barney loves Robin, but has to pretend to love bimbos because he’s Barney and stereotyped.  There, quick recap.  For more check out the Tuesday Morning HIMYM over at Midwestern’s Guide To NYC.

Now, I was really tired from working all weekend (and every weekend for the foreseeable future, damn you being broke!) so I was looking forward to watching Heroes and going to sleep at 10. But nooooo, Heroes has to have a two hour premier! Wonderful! So yeah, I hope Heroes can return back to form from the first season, rather than the dismal 2nd season.  Luckily, they made a step in the right direction by abandoning EVERY plotline from season 2 as if it didn’t happen. I thought the episode(s?) was (were?) strong and started enough conflict to last a whole season.  Here’s to hoping they don’t use quick fixes and new, deus ex machina style heroes, to move the plot forward.  But we’ll see. You want more on Heroes you say, well go to AV Club’s TV Club entry on Heroes.

So yeah, that’s what I did last night. Speaking of television, anyone watch the Emmy’s? What the shit was that? They were awful.  I mean, yay  30 Rock and all, but god, what the shit was that?  Specifically, what the hell was this?  I didn’t really watch much of the show actually, because I had to watch the Yankees say goodbye to Yankee Stadium in front of a crowd full of more man tears than the cancer support groups in Fight Club, but what I did see was absolutely terrible.  A smattering or reality show hosts here, Jeff Probst winning an emmy there, what is wrong with television! As someone who harbors a secret (not so secret) dream to win an emmy (without trying very hard to do so) the emmy’s being a suckfest kinda bums me out.  Hey, at least Alec Baldwin won.

The “Would Be Annual Had I Been Blogging Last Year” Fall TV Preview

Posted in fall tv preview, this post gave me carpal tunnel syndrome, tv, wordy words on September 16, 2008 by pgleason85

Hey there.  Well television begins within the next two weeks (or has already begun, depending on what shows you watch)  Considering I watch more than a healthy amount of television I figured I would do a day by day fall TV preview, to lay out what all of you should watch (or, in the case of some people, what you will watch just to spite me).

Now the first question, what day should I start the week on?  The Gregorian calender week starts on Sunday, but most contemporary western culture sees monday as the 1st day of the week.  The real question is, do I want to start or end my TV watching week on HBO? Screw it, I’m starting with

I’m mostly focusing on the networks because I am using this chart at Zap2it as my guide, however, if i know a show is on cable that I watch I’ll include it…because you care so much. (got rid of the jump…it was annoying me and seemed oddly pretentious for some reason)


What to watch on Mondays: Well that is an easy one, because CBS is bucking the trend that “laughter is for thursday” and has an outsanding comedy lineup that I mostly enjoy.  With The Big Bang Theory (a show that I actually kinda like) at 8 and How I Met Your Mother (which, if you read this enough, you know my feelings on…and if not those feelings are, “awesome”) at 8:30, the first hour is pretty solid. I’m actually absurdly excited for HIMYM.  I’ve been catching up on the dvds and the third season online ad nauseum, so i’m really pumped for it to start.  Its such a good show with a great core cast.  Not much in the way of supporting characters, but they really don’t need it.  Plus Bar>Coffee Shop! At 9 is charlie sheen bangs his way to a new venerial disease Two and A Half Men.  Okay, I know its the number one comedy on TV, blah blah blah.  That show is absolutely terrible.  I mean, yeah I’ll watch it and it can be funny, but its really dumb humor.  It stands out because there is so much well written smart comedy out right now that the cheap sex is just really boring.  Following this is Worst Week.  Hey remember that movie with Ben Stiller where he embaresses himself in front of his girlfriend’s parents?  Remember how funny that show was when it wasn’t Ben Stiller at all…oh wait.

You know what you should switch over to after How I Met Your Mother?  X-Men The Watchmen Heroes.  You should watch heroes.  To be honest, I don’t even remember what the fuck was going on on this show when it was stopped short by the WGA strike last year.  Well its back now, and there are villains. I like villains, i think. I dunno, just watch it.

What I Will Never Admit To watching On Mondays: Don’t judge me please.

What I Should Watch But Don’t On Mondays: Not much, maybe Chuck.  I’m a nerd that likes explosions and action and unnecessarily hot ancillary female characters. I hear Prison Break is exciting (albeit from the Fox promos…so grain of salt that one) but really, still gettin into and breakin out of prisons? Still? Why was that one for more than one season.  Why?

What You Shouldn’t Touch With a Ten Foot Pole On Mondays: Dancing with The Stars.  Are you joking me.  Can Warren Sapp dance? Who give a shit.  Every year the definition of Star gets looser and looser.  Yeah, Jeffrey Ross is a really funny comedian and I love comedy, but…star?  Bit of a stretch.

Well that’s it for Monday.  Now its time for:


What To Watch On Tuesdays: House!  Best bad show on television. Its stupid and formulaic.  The supporting characters are all either flat, or have extremely pointless story lines attached to them (13 has Huntington’s Disease now…really?) but god damn is Hugh Laurie not fucking awesome on that show. I could watch a show where he just insults people in character for an hour and it’d rule.  Fuck the medical crap. Medical crap makes me really squeamish (seriously).  Why do they always have to show that crap.  Following house is Fringe, and based on the pilot, I’m in.  I totally missed the Lost boat, and now i’m too far behind to consider catching up without giving up working/eating/and showering for a month, so hopefully this one takes off and I can be involved in all those conversations!

What I Will Never Admit To Watching on Tuesdays: Nothing, no guilty pleasures on Tuesday.

What I Should Watch But Don’t on Tuesdays: Nothing, Tuesday fucking sucks.  Okay, maybe there’s something on cable somewhere that is good or something, but I don’t have a clue where it is, and I just straight up don’t care to find it.

What You Shouldn’t Touch With a Ten Foot Pole On Tuesdays: Literally everything else.  My god Tuesday is terrible.  Biggest loser, Opportunity Knocks, Dancing With the People you Might Have Heard of Once or Twice Stars results show, the new 90210 (seriously, that premiere was awful) one of the 6,000 versions of Law and Order.  Who cares?

Tuesdays are definite candidates for going out and socializing instead of watching television, but what about


What to Watch On Wednesdays: . . .is it Thursday yet?  I dunno, I’ll occasionally watch Deal or No Deal, that’s at least sorta cool with the lights and stuff like that.  Howie’s all bald.  I guess that’s okay. There’s no South Park till the spring.  Man, i just don’t know.  I guess i watch MythBusters on wednesdays usually.  Thats a cool show to watch when ur bored, but I dunno. Maybe I’ll read a book?

What I Will Never Admit To Watching On Wednesdays: I dunno, Bones? fine Bones, if I watched that show I wouldn’t tell you.

What I Should Watch But Don’t On Wednesdays: My mom says that The New Adventures of Old Christine is good? Is anything on cable?  Anything at all.

What You Shouldn’t Touch With A Ten Foot Pole: The entire day. Holy crap. I don’t even wanna look.  I need something to read. Maybe I’ll get back into Halo on Wednesdays.

Well screw Wednesday, i guess its good to rest the DVR wednesday ’cause holy hell, after that its


What You Should Watch On Thursdays: First, go buy a DVR, cause you are going to fucking need it.All these shows need repeat viewings. (just you wait, hulu will blow the hell up in the next month and a half because of Thursday) First, turn on NBC at eight and watch till 10. My Name is Earl followed by Kath & Kim (which may very well suck donkey choad but i’ll watch anyway cause of what its between), followed by THE OFFICE, FOLLOOOWEDDD BY 30 ROCK!!!!!!!!! (although the last one doesn’t start till October) Oh man I LOVE THAT ONE TWO PUNCH IN THE 9pm HOUR. Those two shows are fucking hilarious and I can’t freaking wait. 30 Rock has more stars lined up as guests than alleged Star themed shows, the Office has THE BEST supporting cast in comedy today.  Oh man, thursday is glorious. Hey, guess what happens next? Thats right! ITS ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA at 10 on F/X! LAUGHTER FUCKING OVERLOAD.  Plus, they’re starting with the whole 2 episodes a week thing.  A WHOLE HOUR.  AWESOME.  Sunny actually starts this week (the 18th), as opposed to most of the other shows that start the week of the 22nd, so get ready for it!  Here’s an interview with the producers/writers/stars/heroes from that show at the AV Club.  If I get one more person into that show my mission is complete.

What I Will Never Admit To Watching On Thursdays: At one point I watched Grey’s Anatomy, but then Grey died and came back and was still a surgeon, so yeah, nothing that I won’t own up to anymore.

What I Should Watch But Don’t On Thursdays: I liked comic books. Maybe Smallville? Nah, I was always a marvel guy anyway. Wait, why am I thinking about this, I already watch 4 hours of TV on Thursday, I can’t take on any more.

What You Shouldn’t Touch With A Ten Foot Pole on Thursdays: Things that aren’t funny.  Thursday is for funny.  Fine, you have a different sense of humor than me? Watch Ugly Betty.  You find British People insulting Long Island Chef’s hilarious, Kitchen Nightmares works. But why, WHY, would you watch horrible accidents on a weekly basis. Fucking ER.  I HATE ER. As mentioned, squeamish.  Plus, I’ve been to the ER, its nothing like that show. Its way more sad and tragic (and ugly).  I can’t believe that show lasted past the Clooney era.  Isn’t Uncle Jesse on it or something strange like that now?

After you short out your DVR on Thursday its time for


What You Shoul…wait a second…ITS FRIDAY! TIME TO GO OUT!

after your done nursing your hangover.


What You Should Watch on Saturdays: College football all day while you lie on the couch.  If you want to see uncle ned arrested for meth, stay in and watch cops…if not its SATURDAY!

finally its time for


What You Should Be Watching On Sunday: You should, first off, watch the New York Football Giants, but that was a given.  We’ll keep this to sunday night.  Sunday night has a good amount of pickins, so it all depends on mood.  Entourage is always fun to watch (cause there’s always major boobage).  The other HBO comedies could be good, namely Little Britain USA and The Life and Times of Tim. I’ve been enjoying True Blood, even tho its sort of REALLY FUCING WEIRD.  There’s also Fox’s ANIMATION DOMINATION (BOOM POW ZAP PLEASE LOOK OVER HERE!).  The Simpsons ain’t what they used to be, same can be said for Family Guy, and (if you ever did like it…I did) King of the Hill.  But they’re all still solid.  Plus, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wrote an episode of the Simpsons this year (and there was much rejoicing. Yayy)

What I Won’t Admit To Watching On Sundays: I dunno, the dreadful NBC studio pregame show?

What I Should Watch But Don’t On Sundays: This was the entire reason for this fucking stupid category.  MAD MEN.  Yeah, that show is supposed to be incredible. There’s Don Draper, and Rye Whiskey, and sexual harrasment and doinking of secretaries and awesomeness and man I really need to watch that fucking show, right?

What You Shouldn’t Touch With A Ten Foot Pole on Sundays: ABC.  America’s Funniest Videos, Extreme Home Makehover Home Edition EXTREME, Desperate Houswives and Brothers and Sisters.  I dislike all of you, and will kindly ask you to please leave the room. Thank you.


So yeah, that was a bit excsessive, wasn’t it?  I mean, I didn’t really do anything but say “I like this, but I don’t like this! MY OPINION MATTERS”  But really, it doesn’t.  Everyone has their own taste, (mine is vastly superior). I expect to watch a lot of television on mondays and thursdays, but probably not so much on tuesdays and wednesdays (maybe i’ll read a book! Ah, who am i kidding,  i’ll actually still just watch TV all night, but it will mostly be seinfeld/family guy/whatever else re-runs in syndication). If you disagree, agree, think that i am all that is wrong with america today, or just think I missed out on the gem of the fall season, feel free to let me know!


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WOO HOOO! Its finally here. I can finally wake up a little later to go to…my…other..job…daaammmmit.

Oh well, like I said, I don’t dislike it at all.  If I had my way i would do it for my career and and not have to deal with my current job situation.  But whatever, its how it goes. I can’t wait for the “I have a new job” post that will inevitably wind up on here, but today is not that day.  That will be a wonderous day.

So after 11 gillion promos I decided to check out hole in the wall.  It is exactly what it sounds like, people trying to fit through holes.  And it…is…AMMMAZING!  It is seriously one of the most hilarious shows i’ve ever seen (withought having to use my big ol’ brain). Its just that, over and over.  People just getting knocked into a pool by a fucking giant wall with an oddly shaped hole in it.  It’s either gonna last forever, or be cancelled after two days, depending on the cough syrup consumption of america.

I have a birthday to go to in the city tomorrow, and I kinda wanna crash on someones couch to make getting to work easier on sunday, but I avoid confrontation at all costs, so i don’t want to ask beforehand. Would it be bad if i just showed up to the party with a bag containing a clean shirt, deodorant and a toothbrush and just hope for the best?  This line of thinking could get me in trouble.

Hey, remember this? Fuck!

So yeah, its weekend time.  I’m crashing extraordinarily hard after eating pizza and I need to zone out and stare at the screen all while trying very hard not to pass out and fall out of my chair.  Should be a fun time!