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So It Goes Out Like This

Posted in i'm super cereal you guys, Yankee Stadium, Yankees on September 19, 2008 by pgleason85

The Yankees will play their last game at Yankee Stadium on Sunday (without a miraculous collapse by the Red Sox and a miraculous home stretch by the Yankees…sigh).

At the beginning of the season I mentioned how bummed I was about this sad fact, and now that its here I’m still just as bummed, perhaps more.  I didn’t want to see the place go out like this.  Its like the building equivalent of a sad, fat, drunken Orson Welles.  After so much good history, it goes out on an overpaid, undertalented note.  Its sad, so I figured I’d tell one story of how this place brings generations together, and how it won’t happen again.

My grandfather had Parkinson’s disease and diagnosed when I was fairly young.  So over the course of my life I bore witness to the sad downward spiral of his once booming personality.  Luckily, one memory I have of him being himself was at Yankee Stadium.

My grandfather, dad, brother and myself all trecked to the game from suburban new jersey.  This was probably one of the first dozen or so games I had ever been too.  Apparently, my grandfather hadn’t been on the subway since something like 1950.  But somehow, my dad convinced him to ride the subway to the game, which was a thrill for me. (I’d always loved the idea of the subway…not so much anymore)  We got to the stadium and he took me aside and told me how right there, in that building, on that field, he’d watched Babe Ruth play.  I knew that Babe Ruth had played there, but it was amazing for me to hear it from my grandfather.  I mean, my GRANDPA saw BABE FREAKIN RUTH play baseball at YANKEE STADIUM!

The whole game he kept feeding me nuggets like that. What he had seen, what had happened there during his lifetime, who had been there.  I was amazed. I don’t even know who they played that day, but i remember those stories.  I always thought if I had kids I would be able to take them to Yankee Stadium and tell them that their great grandfather watched babe ruth play on that very field, in that very building, decades earlier. Maybe I could take my dad and he could tell them how he saw Mickey Mantle.  I’d one day be able to say I saw the Yankees play in the World Series in that very spot.  Now I guess I won’t have that, I’ll be taking them to a new stadium with new memories, but it just won’t be the same.  So it goes.

Well, Yankee Stadium, I bid you adue.  You’ve given me many more good memories than bad ones, and I thank you for that.


How I Got Drunk Old Timers Day

Posted in apologies for what i did drunk, drinking, sports, Yankee Stadium, Yankees on August 4, 2008 by pgleason85

Mondays suck, yadda yadda, same ol shit.  Who cares, right?  What you really wanna read about is how I got drunk at old timer’s day, isn’t it?  No…you don’t?  Well too bad, cause I’m bored and need to write something.  Maybe I should write a screenplay, move to Hollywood, and get my dreams crushed trying to sell it.   Yeah, or i could give you a detailed account of the final old timer’s day at Yankee Stadium.

Okay, detailed account is probably the wrong way to phrase it. Foggy, alcohol clouded account is probably more accurate, but whatever.  It was a really great time.  I sorta had a long Friday night (hey, is that the sun coming up, ahhh crap).  Luckily, that meant I wasn’t hungover by the time I had to wake up at like 11 O’Clock. I was still drunk, which was nice.  I even met my family in a bar, so it wasn’t totally obvious that I was completely fucking out of it.

I’d never been to old timers day before, so it was great that I got to go to one at the Stadium.  Every time I’ve gone there this season I find myself cataloging the things about it that are going to change completely.  The acoustics where what I was focusing on this past Saturday.  With no tickets in sight, it could be my last time there (although i hope not).  But the sound of the Stadium, the way you can’t hear a fucking thing that anyone says, is probably going to vastly improve.  That sucks.  I mean, next year you’ll be able to understand what Keith Olbermann is saying…which is shit. The sound bounces off the walls and rebounds all over the place to the point where it sounds like your high school’s auditorium.  But the thing is, thats how baseball feels like it should sound today.  When I’ve gone to other places with much clearer P.A. systems it just sounds plain wrong to me.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the most drastic change come next year (price of beer excluded).

One thing I won’t miss is the food tho.  Holy crap. I got a hot dog and it looked like a reaaaally long and red rasin.  Like, holy shit, did it look un-appetizing.  Considering I hadn’t eaten a meal in approximately 24 hours (or 24 beers, if thats how you keep track) i manned up end ate the thing.  Despite looking like the appendage from the Montauk Sea Monster it fucking hit the spot. Gotta say that about ballpark food, it always gets the job done.

So I Didn’t Post Today

Posted in pictures, random, Yankee Stadium, Yankees on July 21, 2008 by pgleason85

I had a loooong and eventful weekend.  I went to both Saturday’s and Sunday’s Yankee games and it has left my exhausted.  Sitting outside in 95 degree heat for 4 hours drinking can take a lot out of you (well i didn’t drink in the stadium saturday, but whatever. damn bleachers).  It was awesome, and I am going to miss that place.  i’ll probably wind up getting to maybe two more games this year, but its not enough.  But yeah, i’m pooped (hehe). To make it up to you, here is the essex st sign at 4am thurs night/friday morning that i noticed after Batman.  Needless to say, I thought this was hilarious.

hehe (and I uploaded myself, so it won’t turn into gay porn)

Dear MLB All Stars

Posted in sports, Yankee Stadium on July 16, 2008 by pgleason85

Thank you for being physically incapable of scoring a in extra innings until around 1:30 this morning. My droopy eyes sincerely appreciate it.

Well at least the American League won! That’s always a plus! Once again it was strange to watch the All-Star game taking place in Yankee Stadium. It was kinda insane. The opening ceremony was really nice, and it was actually nice to see Steinbrenner, even though it was just the shadow of the man who once ruled with an iron fist (chin hair be dammed!). Still, all in all, it was a really cool game. I probably should have gone to bed before it ended, or even just napped through the middle of the game. I can’t really add more to this right now, because I am exhausted. I fell asleep on my arm because i was so tired, and didn’t move until I woke up. My arm was literally a piece of spaghetti when I tried to get out of bed. If anyone could have seen it, they would have thought it was hilarious.

Hey! Did You Hear About Josh Hamilton

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They mentioned it once or twice on ESPN last night. I’m sure you won’t hear about it tonight at all. Apparently he used to be on drugs. Now he’s not!

In all seriousness, its a great story that (unfortunately) we are all going to be sick and tired of by the end of the week because he put on a superhuman performance at the Home Run Derby. 28 fucking home runs in the first round! It was incredible. If I had followed through with all the rules, Josh Hamilton would have put me in a coma. (hell even just the “Back, Back” rule, let alone the “Josh Hamilton was an addict rule). Either way it was out of this world. In case you missed it Awful Announcing posted it on Deadspin and his own site. Yeah, fucking BOMBS! Who gives a shit if he didn’t actually win the thing, he improved his stock 200 fold.

It was really odd watching the Home Run Derby, an event that I watch every year, in Yankee Stadium. It was a bit like watching, I actually don’t know. Maybe like seeing your own house used as a movie set or something like that. Its a place I’ve grown up going to and watching on television. It was weird to see someone other than the Yankees and weird to see something other than a baseball game going on there.

And finally, in more sports related matters, Brett Farve can go fuck himself in his selfish asshole. You RETIRED! Why the fuck do you have to pull this shit. Your tarnishing your (impressive) legacy by coming off a selfish whiny asshole who puts yourself before not only your teammates, but the game of football which you claim to love. And you decide to break your story to GRETA VAN SHITHEAD! Really? So you burn your teammates, the game, and the sports media which has publicly fellated you for the past 10+ years? What the fuck is that about? Hey, what was the last play of yours last season? Oh yeah! Thanks!

Sorry…had to come back so that I didn’t end this post on an angry rant.  Its the All-Star game tonight.  It’s a happy day!  There’s a parade here today at like 1 O’Clock.  On 6th ave.  I work about a half block from sixth ave on the parade route, so I think I’m going to have to check that out! I do love a parade.  Ahh, happy ending.  Go AMERICAN LEAGUE!


Posted in wonderful news, Yankee Stadium, Yankees on June 20, 2008 by pgleason85

So I went from probably not doing anything, to doing something awesome!

Thats right, I got Yankee tickets!

Moose is starting, so I suppose I’ll post a picture of him:

Should be a fun time.  This is my first game this year.  Its bad that this is the longest i’ve gone without going to a game in a LOOOOOONG time, and it is the final season of Yankee stadium.  Oh well, at least I get to see Griffey for the first time, which is kinda cool.

But anywhoo…LETTS GOO YAANKEEEES (clap clap clapclapclap)


Posted in new york, random, videos, Yankee Stadium, Yankees on May 19, 2008 by pgleason85

Oh well. So much for that game on Friday. Rain outs suck. Oh well.

I wound up going to this place where they served gigantic fish bowls full of alcohol, which was fun.

Of course, that indirectly led to me falling asleep in the back of a cab and having the cabby have to yell and wake me up after we went over the Williamsburg bridge, but hey, shit happens.

I also had a toy alligator in my pocket when i woke up, but I think that needs no explanation, as that should seem totally normal.

Oh well. . .I’m actually working on a somewhat big post for later, but until I get that ready I’ll leave you with this remix of Bill O’Reilly’s meltdown from last week:

Probably NSFW if your work frowns upon foul language. however, if you work at the kind of place where you show your coworkers “2 girls 1 cup” you should be fine.