Training Days

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So as you may have gathered I’m a bit busy this week.  The whole transition is leaving me more tired than usual, plus our tv is busted so any and all free computer time is spent catching up with TV on hulu (greatest invention of ’08)  Not to mention how many unread items are on my reader.  Its insane, I’m bogged down with catching up on the blogs I write.  Anyone write anything awesome?   Have I missed everything? I’m so lost. 

I’m going to try very hard to not only blog about my new job, mostly cause I don’t do it yet.  So far my job has been to train…a lot  The problem with corporate training events is that they’re very repetitive.  We meet all the departments and get an overview, but there’s just tons of crossover information that gets overlapped, and all of it is told to us like its the first time.  It gets a bit patronizing, but overall I’m really happy.  Also, in response to Stacy’s comment I do customer service at an internet company.  I don’t really want to set off any google alerts by mentioning by name on my 3rd day, but yeah, that’s what I do!

The problem with this whole situation is that not a lot is making me irrationally angry.  Hell, the best receiver on the Giants shot himself in the leg this weekend, and I’m not all that worked up about it (well relative to how I would be).  And as everyone nows, bitterness=bored thoughts posts.  Its just not there.  Don’t worry, once I’m settled into my role I’m sure i’ll be bitter again. 

Welp, its back to hulu!  I’ve missed so much!


First Day Jitters

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That’s right.  Yours truly had first day jitters.  I think that was mainly the ungodly amount of coffee I consumed during my first day today.  My old office had fucking terrible coffee, so naturally I would just spend my hard earned money at my local coffee cart every morning.  Not anymore! They have tons of coffee there, for free! It’s incredible.  It’ll save me 30 bucks a month.  As my dad put it (seriously) “that’s a lot of PBRs!”  So yeah, there’s that!

In all seriousness I was exhausted today.  I didn’t sleep well with the pre-first day jitters I had going, plus not moving all day doesn’t really tire you out enough to fall asleep (only slightly exaggerating…in my defense it was raining).  So the coffee was somewhat of a necessity.  But man, was today a loooong day.  Tons and tons of information was literally (figuratively) thrown at us.  Luckily there were five people, including myself, starting in my department today so I’m not going at it alone, which is really helpful.  But man was there a lot.  I mean, look at the binders we got:

And that’s just day one.  They barely fit in my bag!

While it was an overwhelming day I can already tell I’m going to enjoy working for this company a lot more than my last one.  They clearly care about they’re employees, which is an AWESOME change of pace for me.  They literally turned out the lights to save money on electricity at my last job.  Here, they give us so many free snacks they warn us about weight gain.  So yeah, I probably will do my blogging bit at night for the near future, and I’m not sure just how much I’ll do, but hopefully I’ll find time.  Our TV blew out so I’m probably going to be bored at home a lot.  (I go from watching tv all day to not watching any, thats a serious shock to the system).   

Welp, I gotta get some sleep to prepare for another day of WAAAAAY too much information for any normal human to process.  I just hope I don’t get any more binders.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Eat some turkey

Drink some wine

Have a great day!

Journey To The End

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So my last day is officiall here, which is absolutely insane to me.  It really did happen fast, and even though I won’t miss the job at all its still a bit weird to be leaving.  I mean, a month ago I mused that I was stuck here for the foreseable future the way the economy is going.  I just got really, really lucky.  I’ve actually been somewhat busy packing up and tying up loose end that I couldn’t live-blog my last day unlike some other, better bloggers.

At this point there’s not much for me to do but sit around and stare at the screen until its time to head off to the bar (naturally that’s the post-work plan for this evening)  There’s no exit interview.  Nothing to tie up with HR…just wait.  Oh well…here’s a video I thought was appropriate.

Let’s Hear It For A Loophole

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So yeah, my last day at work has officially moved up to tomorrow, leftover sick time plus a shortened week thanks to thanksgiving will come in handy. So yeah, just a heads up, bloggings will be sparse ’round these parts next week.  What with the extremely sloth-like lifestyle I will revel in for like 5 days plus the criminal amount of turkey, stuffing, not to mention the pumpkin pies I’m going to eat, I may just not find a lot of time to write words.  So yeah, I got that going for me.

Hrm, so what else is there to talk about.  I could continue going on about Twilight, but that’ll just make me mad and I’ll need to breathe into a paper bag to calm down.  As I am sans paper bag I think that would be a very bad idea.  Plus, South Park pretty much took care of that topic last night.

I just don’t know, I don’t have that much to complain about, and nothing fun or exciting (read: drunk and entertaining to others) has happened to me in the past few weeks.  No hilarious incidents dealing with coagulated milk products on top of deep fried spud slices.  Nothing even remotely entertaining.

I could mention that they’re going to cut the express service on the subway line i ride, but that would get me the same response that a discussion of teenage abstinence vampires would, and no one wants to see that happen. Especially not me.

Hey, would you look at that. My almer matter [sic..but on purpose cause I’m hilarious], Fordham, was mentioned on Deadspin!  What did they say about it?  Ahhh crap.

Sorry guys, I guess I’m just not that interesting.  But I do know how to drive page views up!  Pictures of animals!  Here’s my roomates dog (who, by the transative property of dog owernship/apartment sharing, I live with) with Jon Stewart (yaaay) and Joe Lieberman (boooo).


The Even Bigger Blog Swap of 2008

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(hey…your usual author here.  Well its blog swap day.  I am not writing for this here site today.  No, you can find my usual poorly written drivel at A MinD In MoTown.  The titular MinD has written this post that you see below the fancy blog swap button.  Hope you enjoy)

For many early 20-somethings out there, a musical era ended Sunday night that few seemingly took the time to note, let alone notice.


Total Request Live, or TRL as Carson Daly originally dubbed it, wrapped up ten years of screaming fans, overly dramatic girls, guest appearances and force-fed music videos this weekend, and for at least one viewer out there – i.e. yours truly – it was a nostalgic event.


One decade ago, I was a pop-loving 13-year-old who would religiously leave eighth grade each day and turn immediately to MTV as soon as I entered the house – be it my household or another’s. And for one hour, I’d rest my lazy ass in front of the tube to see which music video – OMG, NSync better be #1!!!!! – would make it to that coveted position.


And for several years, I kept turning the dial – or, um, pressing the remote – to that beloved show.


I recall when the time slot changed, all eight million times, in somewhat feeble attempts to gain more viewership. I remember the set changing several times over the years and even Carson’s weight gains, and losses, ‘til he finally departed the Times Square studio. (And I will say this: TRL was pretty lackluster without him.) I totally recollect when Jesse Camp beat out Dave Holmes in the first “Wanna Be a VJ” competition – though I have no who I was rooting for back in the day. And I even noticed how only seconds of Usher’s “Yeah” or Hilary Duff’s “Why Not” was actually shown during that one hour despite TRL being touted as programming centered around music videos. Get this, I even remember when Hilarie Burton was just another screaming fan/guest commentator trying to make it on MTV, and now, she’s shot to One Tree Hill fame – okay, it’s my favorite TV show now, cut me some slack people.


I don’t know when exactly it was that I decided TRL was no longer of the utmost importance Monday through Friday, or even when I finally realized how little relevance the show truly held, but eventually, it happened. It’s been years since I’ve watched more than three minutes of TRL, until Sunday night, that is.


Something about it being “the end” and that element of my life, albeit rather menial overall, coming to a close brought up that nostalgia for my childhood. You know, the days when Britney Spears was busting onto the scene and your best friend says to you (true story), “Look, she’s just like us!” Eh, maybe it’s a girl thing, but for that brief period of my teenage years, TRL was a big fucking deal, so I had to tune in – ahem, MTV, a three-hour goodbye is a little out of control – and watch those final moments.


And now, it’s gone. No more crappy music videos – my tastes have drastically changed – and no more girls screaming so vigorously that you think their brains may explode. TRL has become little more than a distant memory, and will remain as such … that is, until ten years from now, some “genius” decides to revive it as a “new” concept and our children are tuning in.


… Until that moment happens, I bid a fond farewell to Total Request Live; it’s been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun.

Two Weeks Notice

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So I did it this morning.  I gave my two weeks notice.  Its a done deal, and now comes the waiting game.  Its put me in a very weird spot.  I mean, I still have to do my job for the next two weeks.  The thing is, the only thing that was motivating me to do a halfway decent number of orders was fear of being laid off (much like my good friend at the end of last month, which is one of the things that motivated me to get the eff out)

But now, I don’t particularly care.  The only reason I am doing anything is so that I don’t force my co-workers to do more work than they should.  That would be unfair, but still.  I’m having a serious motivational issue.  Whatever, there are only seven business days left for me at my current company (thank you Thanksgiving) so forgive me for reusing this picture to express my feelings on the matter.

So yeah, that’s what I got going for me.  So my two short weeks might be some of the longest two weeks during my tenure here.  Go figure.

Also, probably going to have a guest blogger tomorrow, but i’ll make sure you can tell that right off the bat.